APPLICATIONS for A&D SYSTEM's 3D image technology


It is operated by professionals with experience in providing technical design services for local government offices and theaters. The technical department also provides customized theater design, as well as standardizing theater design, as well as theater renewal maintenance, as well as new open consulting services. ( Package items : 3D filters, screens, 3D glasses, servers, Blu-ray, contents, etc. )

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A unique solution for premium theaters and special theaters. The package we propose is an all-inclusive solution that is centered around the customer's satisfaction. The company offers customized package solutions for theaters and government offices as well as a variety of media and content environments, reflecting customer needs in a way that is in accordance with the environment in which we encounter different media and content sources. ( Government offices’ 3D theater, a conference room, an exhibition hall, a themed theater, a movie theater, drive-in theater, a performance hall, a multipurpose hall, churches, schools, etc. )

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