In addition to various 3D stereoscopic products, A&D SYSTEM also provides various services.


With a strong reputation for continuous innovation, A&D System Co., Ltd. has provided new technologies to its customers and is committed to supplying the best products in the marketplace. We are continually developing new products, enhancing our business partnerships, and advancing our position in the technology sector as a technology leader. We are also enhancing our competitiveness using technology to respond to market changes in an active manner.


3D animation “Connie the Forest Warrior”

Awarded an "Appreciation Plaque" Independence Hall

Awarded "Excellent Venture Company Award" by the Chungnam venture business association

Development of stereoscopic polarizing glasses “ADG-1200"

Development of real-time 3D simulation in the Gumgang region

Developed a camera synchronization module for shooting stereoscopic images
Diagram of the 3D human anatomy for "YM VR ANATOMY"
The production of 3D animation "Byul's Dream Journey"
The production of 3D animation“Guardian and Turtle King”

Development of 3D HD-server “ADH-9000”

The production of 3D animation“The Birth of Cubics and the Rescue of the City” (Theater version)
Developed of stereoscopic polarizing glasses “ADG-750"
Developed circular optical glasses "ADG-850"

3D TV patent registration and product launch